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Group 8 Field Trip

October 27, 2015

Thursday 12th November -Field trip to Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. Depart – Rembrandtlaan at 08:30. Please arrive at 08:15. The bus will not wait for late comers. Return – Rembrandtlaan at approx 15:30.

HCL – Group 6

October 13, 2015

Inventing a machine and write a user manual/ een machine ontwerpen en een gebruiksaanwijzing schrijven The children invented a 2D-machine in pairs in the first lesson and have written a manual for the machine How does the machine work? during the second lesson. Describing the ingredients and a presentation are to follow. De kinderen hebben […]

HCL – Group 4

October 13, 2015

Their own picture book / hun eigen prentenboek The children finished their pages of their own picture book and worked on different extra sheets related to the child book week. De kinderen hebben de bladzijden van hun eigen prentenboek afgemaakt en verschillende werkbladen gemaakt in relatie tot de kinderboekenweek. We also sang along with the […]

HCL – Group 3 Kinderboekenweek

October 13, 2015

We all danced and sang the ‘Raar Maar Waar’ song of this Kinderboekenweek. A special event today was watching all teachers perform in a play from a children’s book. When the group from Ms. Whyte came back to class, we chose a character from the play ‘Princess Iris and the Rainbow Museum’ (written by Simon […]

HCL – Group 5

October 13, 2015

Their own picture book / hun eigen prentenboek The children finished their pages of their own picture book and present the book by reading out loud the dialogue between the two characters in the story. The books are now in the classrooms so the children can read the story again. De kinderen hebben de bladzijden […]

HCL – Group 1,2, 3 – juf Karin

October 07, 2015

Today all the children started by dancing the new song of the Children’s book week: ‘Raar maar waar’. It was fun! See to practice the song and dance on Groetjes Juf Karin

HCL – Group 4 – Raar, maar waar!

October 06, 2015

Group 4, unit 2 KBW 2015 Raar maar waar The children in group 4 made their own picture book about an exciting journey. They worked in pairs, made cute drawings and filled in speech bubbles. Next week the children are going to present the book to each other.

Who We Are

October 05, 2015

Welcome to our first Unit of Inquiry! Central Idea: Awareness of our characteristics, abilities and interests informs our learning and development. Lines of inquiry: Personal abilities and interests Physical, social and emotional characteristics Similarities and differences between ourselves and others Vocabulary for usage in mothertongue: brain learning style – visual, kinaesthetic, auditory multiple intelligences: Visual/Spatial […]

Unit 2 – How we express ourselves

October 05, 2015

Central Idea A person’s behaviour and how they choose to present themselves project aspects of their identity. Lines of Inquiry How appearance and behaviour influence our perception of others The influence of cultural and social norms on how we choose to present oursleves Fashion as a form of expression  

HCL – Group 8 juf Saskia

October 02, 2015

Group 8 finished the first HCL unit which was related to the unit in class ” Who we are” – “Beliefs and Values”. The religions in our group, that are also very present in the Netherlands passed by the last 5 weeks. This is how they showed their knowledge briefly.

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