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HCL – Tips to improve your Dutch

March 30, 2017

In class we alternate culture and language. If you wish your child to study some more Dutch…. Tips to improve your Dutch “Reading is one of the best way to extend your vocabulary”. Join a local sports club Play with Dutch children Read Dutch books Watch Dutch television/uitzending gemist/you tube/read: Group 1-2  – Koekeloere, Flip […]

HCL – Group 8 Tweede Wereldoorlog

March 07, 2017

Tweede Wereldoorlog – Second World War These weeks we focus on the Second World War. We watch ’13 in de oorlog’ as a lead. It is school tv, a mixture with fiction and documentary. This war happened in many places in the world. How were these years in the Netherlands?

HCL – Group 7 Nederland & Water

March 07, 2017

Nederland en water. Vriend of vijand? The coming weeks we focus on the Netherlands and whether water is our friend or enemy, or both?

February Update

March 04, 2017

We continued our inquiry of houses by looking at apartments and skyscrapers. The children used skyscrapers as inspiration for their buildings. We read the story The Three Little Pigs which lead to a discussion about materials and what kind of materials are suitable for a house. The children built one of the houses in a […]

Unit 4 Information

March 02, 2017

Unit 4:   HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES Central Idea: Many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used. Lines of Inquiry: Origins of products Distribution of products Changes products go through How people select the products they use Vocabulary list products change distribute origin consume process dairy wheat transport factory buy […]