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Unit 4 Information

February 19, 2018

Unit 4 Information Letter Where we are in place and time. 19th of February to the 6th of April Central Idea: Interpretation of artefacts contributes to our understanding of peoples’ histories.   Lines of Inquiry: How people analyse artefacts How artefacts contribute to our understanding of the past Why people keep or discard artefacts Vocabulary […]

Unit 3 Information

January 11, 2018

Unit 3 How We Express Ourselves (January 9th to February 16th) Central Idea: People create and tell stories to communicate meaning Lines of Inquiry: How to construct an effective story The different reasons people write stories How stories are shared in different cultures   Vocabulary Which Will be Covered: Please translate the following vocabulary into […]

Unit 2 Letter – How the World Works

November 19, 2017

Unit 2 Natural Cycles How the World Works 6th November- 15th  of December Central Idea: The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living things Lines of Inquiry: Natural cycles (e.g. night and day, weather patterns, seasons) Patterns of behaviour in living things related to Earth’s natural cycles. How people and living things respond to […]