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Unit 5 How we organise ourselves

April 11, 2018

Central Idea: People play different roles in the communities to which they belong. Lines of inquiry: Roles and responsibilities within communities Services needed to support a community School, local and global communities Key concepts: Form, connection, responsibility Related concepts: Roles, networks, communication, citizenship Profile: principled, reflective TD Skills: (self-management skills) codes of behaviour, organization (Social skills) […]

Unit 3

January 10, 2018

Below is an outline of the Unit we are now starting.  Please use as stimulus for discussions at home. Central Idea: Film makers use different techniques to convey emotions. Lines of Inquiry The journey from idea to film is a collaborative, artistic process. The different techniques film makers use. The ways in which people respond to […]

Unit 2 Sharing The Planet

November 21, 2017

UNIT 2 – SHARING THE PLANET November 13, 2017   Here is an outline of the unit that we are just starting.  Please take the time to discuss issues and vocabulary with the children in your home language so they can transfer their knowledge and understanding.   Central Idea: When interacting with natural ecosystems, humans make […]