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Unit 5 – How we organise ourselves

April 09, 2018

Here is an outline of the new unit Central Idea: People play different roles in the communities to which they belong. Lines of inquiry: Roles and responsibilities within communities Services needed to support a community School, local and global communities Key concepts: Form, connection, responsibility Related concepts: Roles, networks, communication, citizenship Profile: principled, reflective TD […]

Unit 3 – How we express ourselves

January 09, 2018

Below is an outline of the Unit we are now starting.  Please use as stimulus for discussions at home. Central Idea: Film makers use different techniques to convey emotions. Lines of Inquiry The journey from idea to film is a collaborative, artistic process. The different techniques film makers use. The ways in which people respond […]


December 01, 2017

Today we had a fantastic day trying to guess which Surprise was ours, and then reading the wonderful poems written for us.  Of course the excitement was topped off by finding the gifts inside, and meeting Sint. Here are photos of us showing the Surprises we received.  An amazing job was done by everyone!

Unit 2 – Sharing the Planet

November 13, 2017

Here is an outline of the unit that we are just starting.  Please take the time to discuss issues and vocabulary with the children in your home language so they can transfer their knowledge and understanding.   Central Idea: When interacting with natural ecosystems, humans make choices that have an impact on other living things. […]

Fantastic finale

November 13, 2017

The children all worked incredibly hard on producing their final assessment.  They had to create a migration story from a child, choosing their home country and the reasons they were migrating.  Also they had to state the reasons that drew them to their destination country, and show the emotional and cultural impacts of their migration. […]

Unit 1 – Where we are in place & time

September 28, 2017

Central Idea:  Human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities. Lines of inquiry: Reasons for emigration (pushes) Reasons for immigration (pulls) Major patterns in migration (now and historically) Key concepts: causation, connection, perspective Related concepts: Settlement, migration, impact Profile: Caring, open-minded Attitudes: Empathy, respect Key Vocabulary: migration, emigration, immigration, push, pull, reasons, impact, […]