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There are three candidates to join the School Council. Find out more – SC candidates-2019 

For many years it has been government policy in the Netherlands to ensure that all parties affected by management decisions have a say in those decisions. In the education sector this policy lead to the formation of School Councils, known in Dutch as ‘medezeggenschapsraden’.

Parents and staff are represented on the School Council, whose task involves approving certain prescribed school policy documents (e.g. school guide, school plan, annual budget, safety plans) and advising management on matters affecting the school. A law took effect on January 1 2007 that further regulates the rights and responsibilities of both the School Council and management by determining in which areas the School Council has a purely advisory role and when approval of the School Council is necessary for school policy to take effect. (please see below for the School Council Do’s & Dont’s for clarity on what the committee can and cannot get involved with)

The School Council consists of parent and staff members from the Frans Hals, Rembrandtlaan & Mondrian locations. They meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Rembrandtlaan location.

If there is an issue you wish to be addressed by the School Council please send an email to any emails sent to this address will be automatically forwarded to all members of the Council, or, get in touch directly with one of the School Council representatives.

The School Council is comprised of four parents and four staff representatives:


Prashant Tapkhirwala (Chair & Parent Representative)

I am originally from India and have a daughter in Group 8  and a son at the ISH. I am on the School Council as I want to make a difference, not just be on the sidelines and complain about things that are not OK, but be a part of the solution.


Annika Shirley-Vouzas (Parent Representative and Secretary)

I am of English and Swedish origin and have children in groups 8 and 3.  As a working mother, the opportunities to give back to the school and the community are rather limited due to being occupied during the day however I do feel I have a lot to offer and see the School Council as a perfect opportunity. I can usually be found at drop off and pick up in the playground at the Frans Hals location, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions on the School Council or an issue you wish us to take up.


Linda Phillips (Parent Representative)

I am British and have children in groups 4 and 7. The reason I volunteered for the MR is that I am interested in being able to participate in the strategic choices of the school; to help discuss how to create the optimal learning environment for our children. I am enjoying seeing my children grow up here and the school of course takes an important role in this. A good school with involved parents helps to give the children the self-confidence to go out into the world, and I would like to contribute to that as a parent representative.


Abhishek Kaushal ( Parent Representative)
I am from Indian origin and have 2 daughters studying in Groups 4 and 7 at the Mondrian location. I am looking forward to making a difference by contributing to the strategic choices of the school.


Rosie Colman (Parent Representative & PSG Chair)

I’m from the UK and have children in groups 4 & 7.  Over the past 5 years I have been lucky to be able to invest time in school life as PSG Chair where my skills, coupled with a bit of enthusiasm, allow me to make a contribution. As a link between the School Council and the PSG I aim to support the school and represent the views of the parent community to the best of my ability.


Jo Stafford (Teacher Representative)

I am Jo Stafford a teacher member of the school council. I have worked here for 18 years teaching the younger age groups and am currently teaching the Early Years Group at the Frans Hals location.


Kelly Werner (Teacher Representative)

I have lived here for 24 years and have 2 grown sons who are now 23 and 21. I have worked at the IPS for nearly 14 years now and started off at Frans Halslaan teaching groups 4 and 3. For the last 8 years I have been the Learning Support Coordinator which these days includes a lot of cycling around between all 3 locations meeting with teachers and parents… It certainly keeps me fit!


John Jones (Teacher Representative)

I have been a teacher at IPS Hilversum since 2002. I have taught group 8 for 4 years, group 7 for 3 years, group 6 for 5 years, and group 5 for 5 years. (There will be a test on this on Friday.) Before all that, I lived in France for 12 years, after moving there from Wales, my home country. I spend all my free time trying to think of that one funny joke to tell the children… but still haven’t managed after all these years. I was on the School Council a while ago and I am looking forward to this new challenge!


Islay MacRae (Teacher Representative)

I’m originally from the Highlands of Scotland. I am a group 4 teacher based at the Mondrian location.

Fritjof Troll (Teacher Representative)

I’m from the Netherlands and I live in Hilversum with my family. My daughters attended IPS Hilversum and I currently teach group 7 as class teacher. After living in The Hague and in Curacao and working at international schools for many years, I returned to the Netherlands. I look forward to helping the school forward in an advisory role and to voice teachers’ views and ideas during decision processes.


School Council Do’s and Dont’s



School Council_Charter (1)


IPS Hilversum SC Meeting Minutes 11th April 2018

IPS Hilversum SC Meeting Minutes 7th March 2018

IPS Hilversum SC Meeting Minutes 7th February 2018 IPS

Hilversum SC Meeting Minutes 10th January 2018

IPS Hilversum MR Meeting Minutes 11th October 2017 IPS

Hilversum MR Meeting Minutes 21st September 2017 IPS

Hilversum MR Meeting Minutes 12th July 2017

IPS Hilversum SC Meeting Minutes 9th October

IPS Hilversum SC Meeting Minutes 19th September 2018


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