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The Netherlands

July 17, 2018

Hilversum is located in a beautiful region of the Netherlands known as ‘t Gooi, bordering the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht. Hilversum is the centre of the Gooiland district of lakes and woods, it was a village dependent on agriculture and weaving until the railway arrived in 1874. It is now a southeastern suburb of Amsterdam, a health and summer resort, and the centre of Dutch radio and television broadcasting as well as headquarters for several multinational companies. Manufactures include electrical machinery, telephone equipment, pharmaceuticals, carpets, furniture, and metal goods. It is known for its modern architecture, including the town hall (1931) designed by W.M. Dudok, St. Vitus’ tower by Petrus Cuypers, schools, and broadcasting buildings. He also designed a number of schools in the town, including our Rembrandtlaan and Mondrian sites. Both are listed monument buildings.

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