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Unit 1: where we are in place and time

September 02, 2015

We have started our first unit this week! Find all the information here!


Transdisciplinary Theme

Where we are in place and time.


Central idea:

Evidence of past civilisations can be used to make connections to present-day societies


Lines of inquiry:

  • Characteristics of civilisations and societies
  • Connections between past and present
  • Processes involved in collecting, analysing and validating evidence


Key concepts: Form, Change, Connection

Related concepts: History, Difference, Progress

Profile: Thinker, Knowledgeable

TD Skills: Thinking (Acquisition of knowledge, Application), Communication (Writing, Reading)

Attitudes: Curiosity, Enthusiasm


So far we have been focusing on the children’s own history. We are working on comic strips that display events or memories from our own past. Additionally, we are bringing “memory boxes” to school with items that are of great personal value and showing them to the rest of the group! Soon, we’ll start looking at what a civilisation actually is and put this in a historic context. We’re having great fun!

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