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Unit 3

January 10, 2018

Below is an outline of the Unit we are now starting.  Please use as stimulus for discussions at home.

Central Idea: Film makers use different techniques to convey emotions.

Lines of Inquiry

  • The journey from idea to film is a collaborative, artistic process.
  • The different techniques film makers use.
  • The ways in which people respond to film.

Key concepts:

  • Form, function, perspective

Related concepts:

  • Creativity, expression, interpretation


  • Communicators, risk-taker

TD Skills:

  • (social skills) cooperating, adopting a variety of group roles
  • (communication skills) viewing, non-verbal communication


Confidence, creativity

Key vocabulary: expressing, technique, angles, emotions, interpretation, perspective, manipulation, direction, communication,

Language Focus: Poetry & Narrative writing

Maths focus: Number – multiplication

Measurement – length

Pattern & function –  number patterns & sequences

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