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Unit 5 Information

April 10, 2018

Unit 5 World at Work
How we organise ourselves
(9th April-1st June)

Central Idea:

People create organisations to solve problems and achieve common goals.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The purpose of organisations.
  • Why people join organisations.
  • Strategies for problem solving within an organisation.
  • What makes an organisation successful.

Vocabulary Covered:

Please translate the following vocabulary into your mother tongue to help your child better understand the vocabulary used in this unit.

police officer doctor administrator organisation
nurse plumber achieve problem solving
vet construction worker strategy success
lawyer chef purpose goals
farmer head of the school teamwork roles


Maths Concepts Covered:

  • Understanding the concept of multiplication for the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables
  • Recognising different notes and coins of the European currency
  • Confidently using money in role play situations
  • Mentally adding and subtracting more than two numbers
  • Reading the time, including quarter past and quarter to

Language Concepts Covered:

  • Give instructions, directions and messages
  • Writing and ordering simple instructions
  • Using past, present and future tenses
  • Reading simple types of poetry and identifying rhyming words


Activities for Home: Practise with your child figuring out simple adding of 2-5 items mentally in a shop and discuss the purpose of change. Talk about a workplace you are familiar with and the different roles people have within that workplace.

Speakers Needed: Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if you are interested in coming in to speak about your profession with the class.

Items Needed: If you have any job related dressing up clothes and toys you would be happy for us to borrow to use in class it would be greatly appreciated. For example, doctor’s kits or police dress-ups.


The Group 3 Teachers

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