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Groups 7-8

Our  Mondrian location is situated at J P Minckelersstraat 36, 1221KH in Hilversum

Until July 2016 our group8Acaemy was housed at the Violenstraat and group 7 at the Rembrandt location. In September 2016, we movmincked into six classrooms at the Mondrian location. We chose to name the new location after Piet Mondrian, another famous Dutch painter. Mondrian represents a different period to Rembrandt and Frans Hals but his preference for the use of the three primary colors was a logical connection for naming our third primary school building.  For the school year 2016-2017 we will share the building with the local Dutch primary school belonging to or School Board. The school was built in 1925 by a famous Dutch architect, Willem Dudok, in 1925 and is an officially listed monument. Dudok also designed the building at the Rembrandt location a few years earlier in 1919.

Our three groups 7 and our group8Academy are housed here. These are our eldest students ranging in age from 10 -12 years. A learning support room and offices are also available. All classes received new furniture at the beginning of this school year and group 7s all have a digital SmartBoards while the group8Academy has three new Touchscreens. In addition, a large number of laptops and iPads are available for the students to use in school.

There is a full size municipal gymnasium next to the school which all classes visit for physical education lessons twice each week. The gym is housed above two swimming pools which could, in the future, make it possible for us to introduce after-school swimming activities.

There are seven more classrooms and a number of utility rooms in the school and these are expected to become available for our use in the late summer of 2017.

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