Quality for All & All for Quality 

Welcome to IPS Hilversum! 

Our mission at the International Primary School Hilversum, as an IB World School, is to develop internationally-minded global citizens, encompassing students of all nationalities through an inquiry-based approach, within the Dutch state system. We provide each student with a diverse, intercultural education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, agency, motivation and excellence in learning through the English language while drawing on multilingual resources.


For any queries, please contact us via our school email: info@ipshilversum.nl
Thank you for your understanding.


Our ideology 

IPS Hilversum caters for the needs and demands of the 21st Century. Diversity is recognised as both a fact and a strength. We facilitate transition for students, and therefore their families, to be able to move around the world while enriching their identity as opposed to hiding, forgetting or losing it. Our approach to education is transdisciplinary and our beliefs, values and mission cut through any barriers and boundaries set up by politics, religions, prejudices and fears. Without schools such as ours, there is a danger of our future regressing into a repeat of our familiar but failing present.

Education itself can never be ‘neutral’ or ‘value free’. IPS Hilversum should not and does not want to be neutral or value free. We have strong interlocked beliefs and values that are relevant to all students and educators that are the driving force behind our mission and vision.