Meet the School Council

The School Council consists of parents and teachers from across the three school locations. The School Council is tasked with approving prescribed school policy documents (for example the school guide, school plan, annual budget, safety plans) and advising school leaders of the viewpoints of these groups on matters affecting the school. 

Council members usually meet on the first Wednesday of every month. For the academic year 2021-2022, the School Council consists of the following members:

Gilles Thal Larsen (SC Chair/Parent Representative)

I am Dutch, and grew up in the Netherlands, though English is my mother tongue. I am currently working as a lawyer for the Dutch government. I have children in group 6 and 8, and I see the growing importance of the school environment in their lives. The older they get, the larger the role of the IPS: the classroom, teachers, and their school friends. I am glad to play an active part in helping to make IPS as wonderful as my 11 year old daughter says it is.
Rosie Colman (Parent Representative)

I'm from the UK and I have a daughter in group 7. Over the past eight years I have been lucky to be able to invest time in school life as PSG Chair where my skills, coupled with a bit of enthusiasm, allow me to make a contribution. As a link between the School Council and the PSG I aim to support the school and represent the views of the parent community to the best of my ability. 

Tresia de Jager (Parent Representative)

Originally from South Africa our family relocated to the Netherlands in 2017 after living in Hong Kong for 7 years. We have two girls in group 7 and 6 at the Mondrian location. Representing all parents on the school council is a great opportunity and responsibility to elevate the experience of our kids at school. I aim to actively support and positively influence key decisions that impact our kids’ environment and the future of the school.

Ahmet Polat (Parent Representative)

Born in the Netherlands I lived and worked abroad for more than 10 years as a film director, photographer and teacher. Our family moved to the Netherlands 6 years ago. Within an ever-changing world inspiring education, a healthy environment, and a supportive community is key to the future of our children. And I hope to do my part for the coming period.

John Jones (Teacher Representative)

I have been a teacher at IPS Hilversum since 2002. I am currently teaching group 5. There is always plenty to discuss during the School Council monthly meetings. It is a great way to get involved, share ideas and have a say in what IPS Hilversum does for its students. 

Islay MacRae (Teacher Representative)

I started working for IPS Hilversum in 2017 and joined the school council in my first year.  I am also a founding member of the pupil council; making people’s voices heard is important to me. Before changing my career to teaching I was a drama practitioner and worked in schools and theatres around Scotland for many years.  I use my experience in this field to keep my teaching creative and dynamic.


Fritjof Troll (Teacher Representative)

I'm from the Netherlands and I live in Hilversum with my family. My daughters attended IPS Hilversum and I currently teach group 6 as class teacher. After living in The Hague and in Curaçao and working at international schools for many years, I returned to the Netherlands. I look forward to helping the school forward in an advisory role and to voice teachers' views and ideas during decision processes.

Nadia Welsh-Boucard (Teacher Representative)

I am originally from France. I lived in Scotland for 11 years and have been teaching for 20, including 11 at IPS Hilversum. I have two children (9 and 4) and am very enthusiastic about education in general and the PYP curriculum in particular. Being a member of the School Council is a great opportunity to take an active part in our ever changing international environment, and a way to help improve our (already amazing) school!



The School Council has an advisory role and is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the school. If there are any educational issues, parents address queries directly to the Principal or one of the Sector Leaders.


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Medezeggenschapsreglement van de deelraad van IPS Hilversum