Welcome to International Primary School Hilversum!

At IPS Hilversum we recruit our teachers and leaders from all over the world to ensure the best for your child. Our teachers are the best in their individual fields. They are devoted to teaching and guiding students to become enthusiastic learners by encouraging them to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to take risks, try out ideas and develop their own thoughts.

We are committed to the development of the whole child. As an accredited Primary Years Programme (PYP) school, we design and create curriculum to meet the needs of all our learners from Early Years through Group 8 (3-12 year-olds). Our programme is founded on the belief that every person is born with a sense of pleasure in exploration and a spirit of delight in discovery through play, and that the best learning occurs when children feel that they are known, that their ideas are heard, their hopes are honoured, and their perceptions are validated.  

At IPS Hilversum we seek to foster each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural, and aesthetic growth. Our basic philosophy is that children learn best by doing, so students are given opportunities to explore, experiment, and discover with hands-on materials. The curriculum is integrated across the age groups through meaningful units of inquiry which spark children’s natural curiosities, interests and enthusiasm. 


Don’t take our word for it! Contact our Admissions Team today to set up an appointment to meet us and take a guided tour of our different locations.

Paula Baxter School Principal