Corona measures

01 March 2022

use this government site if you need to place your child in quarantine and plan for their return to school.

Following the latest Government press conference our Covid-19 protocol has now been updated to reflect changes. 

The main points shared were:

  • Children under the age of 13 no longer need to be quarantined after contact with an infected person if they have no complaints.
  •  Entire classes no longer have to go home if there are three or more infections in the class.
  • In the event of major outbreaks at a school, the GGD can still decide on stricter quarantine rules.

As a result of these updates, we will CONTINUE to:

  • Consult regularly with the GGD and follow their advice

  • Monitor all positive cases at school 

  • Email you if a child in the class tests positive 

  • Keep classes open, unless advised to do so by the GGD

We respectfully ask parents to abide by GGD guidelines and:

  • Keep children at home if they have any symptoms (eg a cold), and self-test

  • Ensure students in Groups 6-8 continue wearing masks and self-test twice a week

AFTER illness and BEFORE any child returns to school they must:

  • Have a negative self-test

  • Have no symptoms

If your child has a self-test that is positive or has symptoms:

  • Book a PCR

  • Quarantine

Should I send my child to school?

Parents should refer to the IND Government of the Netherlands website:

After returning to the Netherlands, from that site, you can Check my trip on this page: to make sure your child is school-ready!

You may also wish to stay abreast of things related to quarantine with this government site: