The school is proud to have a ‘Parent Support Group’ (PSG) made up of a group of volunteer parents with children from across all year groups. The PSG organise special events and activities for students and create an information and social network for parents. The group represents the school community with parents working together not only to raise valuable funds for the school but to also enhance community relationships.

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The PSG is about much more than simply fundraising; the group exists to provide closer links between home and school and is an excellent way to bring staff, parents, and friends together socially in support of the school. The events we organise include: Welcome Coffee Morning, Halloween, Christmas Fair, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Avondvierdaagse, International Fair, plus Pizza every Thursday & Friday!



We meet on the first Monday of each month in the staff room at the Rembrandtlaan location or the theatre at Mondrian. When necessary we also join together in smaller groups to plan our major events.

Chair: Rosie Colman
Vice Chair: Jodi Glass
Treasurer: Kim Baker

Current members:

Adriana Angulo
Natalie Bond
Dmitriy Cherniy
Pamela Ferreira
Trishanie Govender
Alice van Harten
Kathleen Kiely
Ieleke Julianti
Vanessa Marks
Anita Musa
Anne-Sophie Olesen
Lanny Prakoso
Jessica Quinton
Linda Steiness
Emma Thornton
Archana Venkat


It is at our PSG Committee meetings that the decisions on how to spend the money are agreed. The money is spent on the extras that are not covered by the school budget.

Usually, members of staff will have a wish list of items that they would like the PSG to consider funding and we always endeavour to spend the funds in ways that will benefit all our children across all areas of the school. We try to spend the money we raise fairly quickly and that way you can be sure that in supporting our school, your children will feel the benefit, along with everybody else.

Our most recent major funding projects have been the new playgrounds at Mondrian (2018/2019), Rembrandtlaan (2017) & Frans Halslaan (2016) and funding of the Globe Music Programme each year since 2016. We are delighted to have been able to fund such worthwhile projects.



Our principal methods of communication are by email via class reps and in the weekly bulletin sent out by the school. We try to include information on forthcoming events, activities and dates, plus requests for assistance when we are planning large events. Following a PSG event, we will always write to let you know how much was raised and what the money will be spent on.



Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is so valuable. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you can’t come into school. There are always jobs that can be done from home if you have an hour to spare. This can range from wrapping gifts to preparing raffle tickets.

If you’d like to join the committee or get involved with a specific PSG event, then please email: We would love to hear from you!


Want to know more about becoming a class rep?

Class Reps Guidelines and Suggestions




At the start of the academic year, we host a coffee morning to welcome the parents of new children to the school. PSG members put together information on non-school related clubs and societies that families new to the community may wish to access.



The children (and teachers!) dress up in their most ghoulish and fabulous costumes. Throughout the day the children take part in the many Halloween-themed games the PSG organise. The gym at the Rembrandtlaan is unrecognisable by the time we’ve turned it into a witches' coven ready to welcome the many ghosts, pumpkins, wizards, bats, witches and little devils. At home time, each child is given a little goody bag containing Halloween treats, no tricks needed! NB This year, the pandemic has meant that a change of plan is needed and all Halloween celebrations will take place in the classrooms. 



Always a popular event with parents, this is an opportunity to browse the craft and gift stalls and get ahead with your Christmas shopping. The PSG also have a bake sale and run a café where you can have a decent coffee, a nice slice of cake and spend a relaxed morning with friends.



At the lower site, the children hunt for chocolate eggs, and might even meet the Easter bunny!



A lovely event, really welcomed by all the staff - it’s our chance to thank them for all they do for our children. Each child comes to school clutching a single flower (any variety!) to give to their teacher on arrival at school. Then, at lunchtime, staff take the chance to relax and enjoy the veritable feast provided by the many talented cooks we have in our school community.



This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is most amazingly well attended and enjoyed by all the children, families, teachers and local community. We enjoy the very finest of food and drinks from across the globe, prepared and served by our talented parents. The entertainment is always great fun and is provided by local dance troupes and musicians, many of whom attend the school. The children are kept busy all day with a wide variety of activities. Oh, and the sun always shines, always!



A fun Dutch tradition, children in groups 3-8 can get outside and take part in four consecutive evenings of walking, singing songs and having fun with their class and school friends. The PSG coordinate the enrolment of those children wishing to take part and provide the much needed refreshments plus a flower for each child on the last evening, to congratulate them on their great effort.



Throughout the year the PSG organise and administrate pizza deliveries from a local restaurant every Thursday & Friday lunchtime. The pizza is very much enjoyed by those children who order it. Plus, it gives parents a day off from preparing packed lunches, win-win!