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Useful Downloads

School year 2019-2020

IPS Hilversum Year Plan 2020-2021  (Published in July 2020)

IPS Hilversum Annual Report 2019-2020 ((Published in July 2020)

IPS Hilversum School Guide 2020-2021 (Published in July 2020)

Study days and holidays 2019 – 2020  (2020-2021 Provisional)

IPS Terms and Conditions  2020 -2021

Company-payment-form 2020-2021(Published in August 2020)

Standard documents

Departure form

School Plan 2020-2024 (Published in August 2020)

Request for student leave of absence form

Translation of Dutch inspection report 2011

What to bring to school

Brochure Leave of Absence Translation

Bullying Policy

Code of Conduct IPS Hilversum 

Holiday Schedule 

Head Lice Protocol and Guidelines

Head-lice in schools? A protocol on how to deal with this

IPS Hilversum Code of Conduct

IPS Hilversum Curriculum guidelines

IPS Hilversum Tardiness Protocol

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